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Dear WikiJournal visitors. We seek for partners who can be involved to the development of German version of our journal. Feel free to register and post your messages and proposals on the discussion page.

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German version of WikiJournal under construction ...

Wir haben das Este Artikel gemacht ): Sehenswürdigkeiten in Istanbul.

Das Deutsche version wurde jetzt als Test geschaft. Sie können Englishe und Russische version besuchen:

Dear users from Germany, you are welcome to edit this and other pages, orginize German WikiJournal Community and publish personal articles on different topics. To know more about WikiJournal mission please read the article at English WikiJournal and you can also make a translation of it into German.

All questions about the project and its organization can be posted at this discussion page in English): https://en.wikijournal.org/wiki/Talk:WikiJournal

Start your own article in German: